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Saturday, 15-Sep-2007 18:58 Email | Share | Bookmark
Lazy-Day Lemon Chicken

It's one of those days.....

The body simply refuses to perform to its fullest potential (huh??) Every single muscle seems to be aching and adding to that misery I have not been able to have a proper 8 hour, thanks partly to Mr Dudwey nightly tone-deaf nose flute.

I thought I will do a "dump-everything-in-the-oven-and-forget-about-it" kinda dish.

Reading Zaza's comment this morning, gave me the impetus to start doing something about my ever increasing waistline. You see, I have unashamedly gain 7 kilos within the last 5 months. To add salt to the wound, I single-handedly reenacted the scene from Cinderella where the ugly step-sister tried in vain to fit into the glass slippers, well, mine was no glass slipper but more like what the cat had on in Puss in Boots.

Okay, back to the chicken dish......I made some extras for Mr Dudwey to take along to the Embassy for the berbuka and the terawih....

Lazy-Day Lemon Chicken

6 pcs chicken thighs
juice from 1 lemon
a handful fresh lemon thyme (or 1 tsp dried thyme)
1 tsp turmeric powder
pepper powder
extra virgin olive oil

Mix all the ingredients well.
You can leave the chicken to marinade overnight or for up to two days in the fridge.

Preheat the oven to 220 C.
Let the marinated chicken come to room temperature and roast for about 40 minutes, turning then halfway until they are cooked through.

MamaFaMi -- oven memang kawan setia orang "rajin"...they even come with self-cleaning function
tengah semangat nak reduce calories in food, so muna makan dengan salad saja.

Mommy d&d -- the kids love this...kalau guna drumsticks, they make a really good party food.

Penyulawa -- kena cuba try....

Cek de Sam -- kalau ikut the italians, ikan bilis tu dicelup tepung sebelum goreng.... Muna belum rasa lagi...mungkin Cek De Sam boleh buat cara tu pulak

Mamasya -- kalau goreng kena tunggu depan kuali...Kalau guna oven Muna masukkan 2 kilo ayam sekali gus dalam oven and then tengok tv for the next 30 minutes ......

Gee -- terimakasih, gee...

Masriyah -- Selamat berpuasa to you, too....Muna tengok banyak betul hidangan Masriyah untuk berbuka....rajin betul!!

LeeLin -- lagi campak...lagi sedap...

Nabialishad -- no problem.... Muna memang suka masakan yang stress-free

RinnChan -- laziness comes a visiting but don't want to leave....macam mana tu!
ooo...chicken soup!! That gives me an idea on what to cook (sentiasa ber-idea tapi belum tentu buat)

Zaza -- at least you have a very good reason to add that extra pound...
it's okay...I see you've already made an effort with your boil and steam regime.....Kueh Srimuka kan steam???!! And I'm boiling some pulut hitam to make bubur pulut hitam... we're on our way .... we're getting there..... someday....

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